Can You Predict the Success of Your Relationship?

Can You Predict the Success of Your Relationship?

Imagine if you could predict how happy you are going to be as a couple. What characteristics would you look for in your perfect partner?

New research has shown that emotional intelligence is strongly associated with relationship success and long-term satisfaction. It’s a trait well worth looking for in potential partners. If you’re in a relationship, whether a new one
or a long-term one, it’s worth cultivating.

Emotional intelligence is a measure of how well you understand and relate to your own and another person’s emotions. There are four elements of emotional intelligence:

  1. Emotional Awareness: You’re aware of, and understand your emotions, and are able to examine them objectively.
  2. Regulating Emotions: You don’t become overwhelmed by your emotions, and can effectively manage them.
  3. Harnessing Emotions: You can use your emotions in a positive way to meet your goals and solve your problems.
  4. Perceptiveness of the Emotions of Others: You can empathise with others and understand their feelings.

Luckily, emotional intelligence is something that you can learn and improve upon. One way to do this is to practice emotional mindfulness – becoming aware of your own emotions at times of heightened emotion, and considering why you feel
that way. This is also known as emotional labelling.

To learn these skills, couples can attend coaching sessions and develop their skills together. Many certified Clinical EFT practitioners work with couples.
I’ve also seen many couples experience breathroughs in the Tapping Deep Intimacy online program. It teaches 12 essential skills for cultivating emotional intelligence, as well as showing
couples how to apply EFT effectively to love relationships.

Being able to understand and manage emotions effectively is important for a happy love life, and research shows that having a high emotional intelligence level will allow you to model good skills to your partner, helping both of you.

You can asssess the emotional intelligence levels of potential partners to determine if they’re a good fit for you. Couples just starting their relationship journey, as well as those in trouble, can improve their relationships, and increase their chances
of long-term happiness, by increasing their degree of emotional intelligence.

EFT is one of the best tools I’ve discovered for raising your emotional intelligence level, and though it takes commitment and hard work, the payoff in the form of a happy long-term relationship, is more than worth it!

Research shows that you can improve your chances of a loving long-term relationship by increasing your level of emotional intelligence. Why not increase the odds by cultivating emotional intelligence with EFT? – Dawson Church{jcomments on}


Dawson Church, PhD,  is an award-winning author whose best-selling book, The Genie in Your Genes, ( has been hailed by reviewers as a breakthrough in our understanding of the


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