Cultivating Healthy Habits? Involve Your Partner!

Cultivating Healthy Habits? Involve Your Partner!

Many of us are focused on cultivating healthy habits. Like starting an exercise program. Or losing weight. Or quitting smoking.

When our partner is on the same track, our chances of success rise dramatically. That’s the message from a new study using data from ELSA, the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (Jackson, Steptoe, &
Wardle, 2015). ELSA aggregates data from 3,722 couples 50 years old or older.

For example, 50% of women trying to quit smoking were successful if their smoker husbands were quitting at the same time. But if they were married to a non-smoker, the figure dropped to 17%.

When the husband wasn’t trying to quit, and continued smoking, the success rate dropped to 8%. Similar differentials were found for other lifestyle changes. The chances of success were greater for men, too, if their partners were simultaneously making

There are many stories on EFT Universe of couples changing together. And there are many other accounts in which one person in the relationship was committed to change, while the other wasn’t interested. This situation is so common that in our couple skills
program, Tapping Deep Intimacy, we devote an entire module to the problem.

Whether you’re in a marriage or partnership in which the other person is an enthusiastic collaborator, or whether you’re going it alone, EFT will help you shift. Check out the Tapping Deep Intimacy 12-week online program for the skills to create a fantastic partnership or marriage using tapping and 11 other proven relationship techniques!

Jackson, S. E., Steptoe, A., & Wardle, J. (2015). The influence of partner’s behavior on health behavior change: The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. JAMA Intern Med, 175(3), 385-392.

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