Leading the way in integrative psychology and medicine

The National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (NIIH) is a leading-edge nonprofit dedicated to therapies, research, and education in the fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.


Scientifically Proven

Research has shown that emerging methods such as mindfulness, stress reduction, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and the Relaxation Response are “evidence-based” practices for addressing both emotional trauma and physical symptoms. NIIH is dedicated to conducting empirical research in these methods, as well as expanding patient access by fostering their adoption in primary care settings.

NIIH President Dawson Church, PhD meeting at the US Capitol with Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Sacramento), and NIIH advisory board members Olli Toukolehto, MD and David Feinstein, PhD

A Leader in Applying Epigenetic Methods

Through its research projects and educational programs, NIIH investigates the epigenetic effects of intention, consciousness and energy in healing. ​​​​​​​New research shows that consciousness (beliefs, emotions, optimism, altruism, visualization, prayer, energy, meditation) has epigenetic effects, affecting cellular processes at the most fundamental levels of molecular biology. Epigenetics is the branch of science describing influences that alter the expression of genes (epi=above; epigenetic=control of DNA from above or outside the gene). NIIH is a leader in applying these methods for better health, happiness and longevity.

Our Blog

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Affiliated Organizations

Veterans Stress Solution

The Veterans Stress Solution offers effective PTSD counseling to thousands of veterans and family members each year, and connects veterans seeking help with therapists and coaches who can work with them.

Foundation for Epigenetic Medicine

The studies performed by the Foundation for Epigenetic Medicine are at the leading edge of mental health research. We've validated therapies that can successfully resolve most cases of pain, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Professional EFT Training Program

NIIH funds the training and certification of clinicians who offer EFT treatment to veterans, working collaboratively with therapists at the US Veterans Administration, the UK's NICE, Veterans Affairs Canada, and equivalent organizations in other countries.

Epigenetic Medicine Award

Periodically, the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare presents the Epigenetic Medicine Award to a leading research scientist.