EFT Improves Sport Confidence

A study recently published in a large peer-reviewed sports journal showed that EFT improves confidence levels in athletes. Researcher Darlene Downs gathered data from 10 female volleyball players at a university, and Dr. Dawson Church wrote up the results for publication. They analyzed the athletes’ levels of PTSD, as it manifested both physically and emotionally. They also measured their confidence levels and their degree of trauma around a single adverse event.

Each player then received a single EFT session that lasted only 20 minutes. Afterwards, their confidence levels improved, while both physical and emotional aspects of PTSD decreased. When followed up 60 days later, their improvements had held. The improvements in mental health had high statistical significance, meaning that there was only 1 possibility in 1,000 that the results were due to chance.

This study confirms the results of two earlier randomized controlled trials of EFT for athletic performance, and contributes to the growing body of research demonstrating the effectiveness of EFT for a wide range of psychological and physical problems.

You can read the study abstract here, and visit the EFT research bibliography here.

Church, D., & Downs, D. (2012). Sports confidence and critical incident intensity after a brief application of Emotional Freedom Techniques: A pilot study. Sport Journal, 15(1).